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If you are looking for an expert tapped into the pulse of Japan, you need search no further than Frontier. The team are wildly knowledgeable about all things Japanese and their level of work and dedication to projects is stunning.
BRUCE L'ORANGE Strategist | Marketer | Futurist

What we do

Focus Groups

Understanding your target consumer's attitudes and opinions

In-Depth Interviews

Digging deep into the consumer psychology at the individual level

Online communities

A quick way to gather bulk or multi-textured consumer insight

Ethnographic studies

Observational research to gain rich insight into consumer behaviors and lifestyles

Expert interviews

Exploring a theme or category through the eyes of those who live and breathe it

Semiotic analysis

Cultural decoding that drives differentiated branding, products and communications
Why Us

How we differ

We'll get you over the culture gap

We're a fully bi-cultural team

Japan is a land of nuance and paradox. There are some elements of the culture that can be extremely difficult to understand. Our researchers are highly skilled at translating the complexities of Japan to the outside world in a way that actually makes sense.

Our experience is second to none

We're industry veterans

When you’re dealing with us, you can rest assured you are dealing with a seasoned expert. We’ve been around long enough to have pioneered several research methodologies in Japan, and we’re intimately familiar with the quirks of each. We use this experience to tailor solutions that we know will work in Japan to produce excellent results for you.

We're always open to new ideas and approaches

Being small makes us ultra flexible

As a boutique agency, every single client is of critical importance to us. We’ll make it our business to flex to your needs and inject your project with the sort of passion and energy that only a team with a personal interest in your success can provide.

About Us

Who we are

Frontier Japan is a full service qualitative research agency

Established in 2003, we are a close-knit team of senior research professionals. Together, we deliver fresh insight, strategic thinking and actionable inspiration to the world’s most forward-thinking and influential brands.

We provide a full suite of qualitative research services and have a special knack for combining methodologies to squeeze maximum insight from any budget.

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